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Our master planning service is unique to each clients requirements and we take care to address the clients existing infrastructure, assess the garden's potential and intended usage, and propose both hard and soft landscaping schemes.

We then agree a design and budget, which enables us to commence with detailed construction and planting specifications. Once these are approved, and, if required, presented to local and other relevant planning bodies, we can commence with the construction of Landscaping scheme.

Our Landscape designers have the opportunity to create suspense, discovery and surprise. The incorporation of unsuspecting and individual contrasting spaces, planted to provide a mix of seasonal colour and year round interest, according to their proximity to the property.


Virtuoso have access to Landscape Architects and Garden Designers which can tailor packages to suit the requirements of all clients


Virtuoso have plant, machinery and experienced operators that will complete earthworks to the highest of standards; from the forming of roads and driveways to the cut and shaping of sections for houses and other buildings.


Retaining walls are all constructed using engineer certified design and are constructed using the best materials and appropriate plant and machinery to fit the spaces required

Civil and Site Works

From leveling and compaction of sub base and base course layers, to the inclusion of concrete kerb and channel, nibs and mowing strips.

Drainage and Plumbing

Virtuoso install all required stormwater drainage, cesspits and channeling. Specialising in the installation of plumbing for future irrigation systems.

Hard Landscaping and Surfacing

Whatever the surface requirements are, Virtuoso can do it. Natural stone paving is sourced direct from quarries in New Zealand, Asia and Europe. A huge range of concrete and asphalt surfacing, in a range of textures, colours, and patterns are available.

Soft Landscaping and Planting

Plants are sourced from specialist nurseries, all over New Zealand. All trees and plants are hand picked and tagged for each project. Strict quality control ensures that only the best specimens will make into the garden. In most cases lawns are laid with instant turf. Topsoils are blended specially to suit the planting requirements.


Virtuoso provide lighting schemes as an option for all gardens, bringing on board a team of electrical technicians specialising in garden lighting, ensuring that cabling is subtle and the maximum effect and mood is created.


As with lighting, a specialist irrigation team install automated irrigation systems, taking the worry out of watering.

Bespoke features

Virtuoso recognize that each landscape project is unique and as such pergolas and water features cannot simply be purchased off the shelf. Virtuoso have quality joiners and fabricators as part of the team which produce shop drawings and construct any landscape feature out of any material.


Virtuoso offer all of our clients a maintenance contract once the project is complete. This ensures the correct aftercare is put in place so all plants can establish properly, and the garden will look its best throughout the upcoming seasons.


Come on board with us and be assured that your landscaping needs are in the best hands.

Our reputation is your guarantee.

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